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Starting from your very first consultation, CUGELMAN & EISEN will help you to understand the charges you are facing and the possible consequences . They will provide you with crucial information and advice regarding how the justice system will operate in your case and how you must conduct yourself as the process unfolds; and they will keep you fully informed about the progress of your case . Most importantly, your lawyers at CUGELMAN & EISEN will ensure that your fundamental rights are protected at every stage in the process. A criminal defence lawyer is not just your defender at the trial itself. He or she can help you to navigate through police investigations, bail, pre-trial issues and hearings, sentencing where necessary, and plea bargaining negotiations. If you have not yet retained a lawyer but have been charged and released, it is extremely important to do so as quickly as possible to ensure that crucial evidence is not lost, and to begin planning your defence strategy so that you are in a position to deal effectively and intelligently with what lies ahead.

If you are facing criminal prosecution your reputation and freedom are at stake. It is vital to ensure that the criminal attorneys you hire are among the best the legal field has to offer. As their track record of results has clearly demonstrated the lawyers at CUGELMAN & EISEN in Barrie, Ontario have proven time and again that they measure up to this demanding standard.

CUGELMAN & EISEN : Barrie Criminal Lawyers Who Will Fight For You

CUGELMAN & EISEN have decades of experience in all aspects of criminal defence. They have argued countless cases successfully at all trial and appeal levels of the Ontario judicial system including the Court of Appeal for Ontario, the Superior Court of Justice, the Ontario Court of Justice and the Provincial Offences Court. They have built their outstanding reputation on hard work, an emphasis upon listening to the concerns of their clients and answering those concerns, fearless representation, and an unwavering dedication to excellence in criminal defence work. Today, CUGELMAN & EISEN is considered by many to be the leading criminal law firm in the Barrie area. Their practice extends to all areas of criminal defence, young offenders, and provincial and federal regulatory offences. Both Bernard Cugelman and Mitchell Eisen have been recognized as Certified Specialists in Criminal Law by the Law Society of Upper Canada, the body which regulates lawyers in Ontario. They defend all criminal charges including impaired driving, domestic assault, sexual assault, drugs, fraud, firearms and weapons, property offences, and homicide cases, to highlight but a few.

The criminal law is constantly changing and evolving. All lawyers dedicate a great deal of time in attending criminal law conferences and keeping abreast of the latest developments in Canadian criminal law, which is essential to providing the best possible defence for every client. They can assist you through every phase of your criminal case, from police investigations, bail, and pre-trial hearings, to trials, plea negotiations, and appeals. The law offices of CUGELMAN & EISEN are located at 89 Collier St. Suite 100, Barrie, Ontario L4M 1H2. They can be reached by calling (705) 721-1888.

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