Young Offenders

Young people make mistakes. It is a part of growing up, and to a degree, it is expected. Unfortunately, there are times where those mistakes cross the line into criminal activity, and may result in lasting and serious consequences for their future. In addition, a minor’s crimes can impact the child’s parents who are often expected by the courts to be in attendance at their child’s court dates. The lawyers at Cugelman & Eisen have extensive experience with the Youth Criminal Justice Act and can be invaluable allies to protect the rights of young people charged with criminal offences.

Understanding the Law of Youth Offences

If your child has been accused of a crime—whether a minor infraction like shoplifting or causing a disturbance, or a major crime such as a drug charge, assault or sexual assault— it is important that you secure the services of a qualified, competent criminal defence lawyer immediately in order to protect their rights and to make sure they have solid representation when their case comes before a judge. At Cugelman & Eisen, we have experience dealing with cases similar to your child’s, and can help your child and your family navigate this difficult experience.

In Canada, there are important differences in terms of how the government handles crimes committed by young people, as compared to the adult criminal justice system. Canada’s young offender laws deal with all kinds of cases, including drunk driving, drug crimes, assault, firearm offences, sex crimes, gang related offences, theft, and homicide. While the Youth Justice Act emphasizes rehabilitation as opposed to incarceration for young persons who are found guilty of criminal offences, there are still many situations where the Crown Attorney will seek a jail sentence. This possible outcome, together with the impact of related orders which often accompany a finding of guilt in youth court such as DNA orders, restitution orders, and weapon prohibition orders, makes it clear that having a criminal defence attorney to assist your child through the youth criminal justice process is of the utmost importance. Cugelman & Eisen’s skilled legal team will explore all possible options for resolving your child’s case, and present the strongest possible defence in court. In some particularly serious cases, such as those involving aggravated assault, rape, and murder, the Crown prosecution may seek to have the youth offender tried as an adult; in this situation, it is of course even more critical to seek the assistance of an experienced criminal lawyer who can help achieve the best possible outcome for your child.

In any case involving criminal charges against a young person, you need an experienced and competent criminal lawyer on your child’s side, someone who is intimately familiar with the Youth Criminal Justice Act and who can work to protect the young person’s rights. Cugelman & Eisen can be your most important ally in minimizing the negative consequences for your child and his or her future.

Cugelman & Eisen: Barrie Criminal Lawyers Who Will Fight For You

The legal team at Cugelman & Eisen has more than 60 years of combined experience in criminal defence, having prepared and argued cases successfully at all levels of the Ontario court system. They have built their practice on hard work, clear communication with clients, and an unwavering dedication to excellence in the field of criminal defence; today, Cugelman & Eisen is one of the most highly regarded law firms in the Barrie area. They work in all areas of criminal defence and handle all types of cases, including impaired driving, domestic and sexual assault, property offences, and more. Bernard Cugelman and Mitchell Eisen stay abreast of the latest developments in Canadian criminal law, which allows them to provide the most effective defence for every client. They can assist you through every phase of your criminal case, from police investigations, bail, and pre-trial hearings to trials, plea negotiations, and appeals. The law offices of Cugelman & Eisen are located at 89 Collier St. Suite 100, Barrie, Ontario L4M 1H2, or they can be reached by calling (705) 721-1888.

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