If you are under police investigation or have been charged with a criminal offence you will suddenly find yourself confronted by the intimidating machinery of the criminal justice system. Although our law states that you are presumed innocent until you are proven guilty, common experience is that mere lip service is paid to the presumption of innocence. There is a general belief that if you are charged you are probably guilty. In addition to the loss of your reputation, you will be facing penalties ranging from fines and probation to significant jail time, as well as the serious potential consequences which flow from a criminal conviction such as restrictions on employment and travel, loss of license, and significantly increased insurance premiums. The criminal justice system is highly complex and unforgiving. To maximize your chances of successfully navigating through this potential nightmare from the moment of your first contact with the police until the case against you is finally concluded, it is absolutely essential to place yourself in the hands of a highly skilled, experienced criminal defence lawyer, who is intimately familiar with the system and possesses the necessary skills to achieve the best possible outcome for you. To attempt to defend yourself is a recipe for disaster. Having successfully defended every type of criminal case over the course of many years, from first degree murder to shoplifting, and everything in between, the lawyers at CUGELMAN & EISEN have honed their skills and experience so that you can place yourself in their hands with complete trust and confidence.

Contact Lawyer Immediately

The role of a criminal defence attorney is not confined to the courtroom. Do not wait until you are arrested and charges have been laid, because by then considerable damage may have already been done. As soon as you have reason to believe that you are involved in a criminal investigation it is of the utmost urgency to contact a criminal lawyer immediately, before speaking to the police or any other authority The lawyers at CUGELMAN & EISEN will offer you invaluable advice regarding your dealings with the police . They will advise you about what to expect when you are contacted by the police and how to protect your rights. It is most important that you have a proper understanding of the risks involved when dealing with the police so that you will be in a position to respond appropriately and will not do damage to your case.

Bail Hearing, Trials, and Plea Negotiations

Following your arrest the lawyers can help to secure your release from custody on bail or other form of release pending your trial. If you have been charged and released it is important to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that important evidence is not lost, and to begin planning your defence strategy so that you are in a position to deal intelligently with what lies ahead. You can count on the lawyers at CUGELMAN & EISEN to protect your fundamental rights at every stage in the process and to ensure that you understand exactly what you are facing, what to expect, and how to conduct yourself as the proceedings unfold. In some cases it may be advisable to negotiate a plea bargain with the Crown prosecutor to plead guilty to a lesser charge to minimize the potential consequences: for example, in order to avoid a jail sentence or loss of licence ; or to negotiate a withdrawal of the charges in exchange for agreeing to a peace bond, performing community service, or making a charitable donation.

If your case goes to trial, the lawyers at CUGELMAN & EISEN will be able to formulate and execute the best possible defence strategy available to you, based upon the unique facts of your case. They will examine all of the evidence and legal issues to search out the flaws and weaknesses in the case for the prosecution, and the strengths in the case for the defence. They will work together with you and your witnesses to ensure that you are fully and properly prepared for trial. Finally, and most importantly, they will fight fearlessly to protect your rights at trial. They will present your case to the court forcefully and intelligently based upon a wealth of experience – a formula which has yielded countless successful results for clients over the years.

How Cugelman & Eisen Can Help You

Starting from your very first consultation, CUGELMAN & EISEN will help you to understand the charges you are facing and the possible consequences . They will provide you with crucial information and advice regarding how the justice system will operate in your case and how you must conduct yourself as the process unfolds; and they will keep you fully informed about the progress of your case . Most importantly, your lawyers at CUGELMAN & EISEN will ensure that your fundamental rights are protected at every stage in the process. A criminal defence lawyer is not just your defender at the trial itself. He or she can help you to navigate through police investigations, bail, pre-trial issues and hearings, sentencing where necessary, and plea bargaining negotiations. If you have not yet retained a lawyer but have been charged and released, it is extremely important to do so as quickly as possible to ensure that crucial evidence is not lost, and to begin planning your defence strategy so that you are in a position to deal effectively and intelligently with what lies ahead.

If you are facing criminal prosecution your reputation and freedom are at stake. It is vital to ensure that the criminal attorneys you hire are among the best the legal field has to offer. As their track record of results has clearly demonstrated the lawyers at CUGELMAN & EISEN in Barrie, Ontario have proven time and again that they measure up to this demanding standard.


In addition to defending cases at trial the lawyers at CUGELMAN & EISEN have extensive experience handling appeals at every level of court for individuals who wish to challenge their convictions or sentence. They can provide you with excellent advice regarding the feasibility of pursuing this avenue of redress.

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